Visitors - Molokai General Hospital

Parking & Getting Around


All patients and visitors are welcome to park in any open stall not otherwise designated for ambulance, handicapped, or special employee parking. Here is a helpful map of the hospital layout that will give you an idea of where to go for each department. Also indicated on the map are the locations of the dining room and restrooms.

Free Wireless Internet


MGH now offers free patient WiFi, available to both patients and visitors.

1. Connect to MGH Patient WiFi from your laptop, tablet, or mobile device
2. Open an Internet browser and accept the terms of use
3. Enjoy!

Food & Dining


Dietary services offers a selection of both delicious and healthy food! Find out more information about hours and a full menu on the Dietary Services page. Snack and Beverage vending machines are located around the corner from the dining hall, and are available 24 hours per day.